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This page contains frequently asked questions about the Solid Graphics products. If you have question which is not listed here then you can ask it in the discussion section of this article.

SolidKit Library FAQ

QUESTION: How can I try-out the SolidKit Library?
ANSWER: You can download the SolidKit Library Demo here. Please read SolidKit Library Demo License Agreement before downloading the library. Download the SolidKit Library Demo only if you agree with the license terms.
QUESTION: What is the selling price of the SolidKit Library?
ANSWER: Please see SolidKit Library packages and pricing page for the answer.
QUESTION: If I buy one of the SolidKit Library packages, what support is included in the price I paid?
ANSWER: Support, such as answering questions about how to do things using the SolidKit library, is not included in the package price. However, if you strongly believe that you found a bug in the SolidKit library (something that does not work as documented) then you can report the bug by sending us e-mail.
QUESTION: I found a bug. How can I report it?
ANSWER: Please see Reporting a bug in the SolidKit library article.
QUESTION: I found a bug. Will you fix it and how much I will need to pay to get the fixed version?
ANSWER: We will try to fix all reported bugs. If we fix it then we will make the fixed SolidKit library version available for you for free.

Solid Assembler FAQ

QUESTION: What is the selling price of the Solid Assembler?
ANSWER: Solid Assembler is currently being distributed for free.
QUESTION: How can I get the Solid Assembler program?
ANSWER: You can download it here or here as a ZIP file.
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