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*[[SolidKit Library sample projects]]
*[[SolidKit Library sample projects]]
*[[SolidKit Library Demo]]
*[[SolidKit Library]]
*[[SolidKit Library]]
*[[Solid Assembler]]
*[[Solid Assembler]]

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SolidKit Library Sample Applications screenshots

Screenshot from SolidKit Library example program which shows Earth. Project demonstrates how to load the JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG files into OpenGL texture, how to display it, and how to customize view navigation shortcut keys. An image from the NASA's Blue Marble collection is used for the earth's texture.
Example SolidKit Library project which uses OpenGL and MFC and implements simple VRML objects viewer and VRML objects scene composer.
Screenshot from .NET version of MoveObjectsExample program. The program demonstrates how to move objects in a scene using the SolidKit Library.
Screenshot from .NET version of RealtimeCSGExample program. The program demonstrates how to use SolidKit Library's Constructive Solid Geometry functions in interactive application.
Screenshot from MFC Single Document Interface (SDI) template project/program - which is SolidKit Library template application for creating SDI based MFC programs.
Screenshot from MFC Multiple Documents Interface (MDI) template project/program - which is SolidKit Library template application for creating MDI based MFC programs.
Screenshot of rusult image created by the Console_Template_Pro example program. The example program subtracts a torus from a sphere using a constructive solid geometry operation, renders the resulting object using off-screen OpenGL rendering context and saves result into a JPEG file.

SolidAssembler screenshots and POV-Ray renders

Screenshot showing Solid Assembler's user interface. The example model (AK-47) is loaded into the Solid Assembler document. The AK-47 model was created using the Solid Assembler modeling tools only.
POV-Ray render of the above view. The Solid Assembler has capability to export it's scene into the POV-Ray's format and call POV-Ray raytracer to render the current view.

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