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SolidKit Library Demo is a SolidKit Library package available for download for free. The purpose of the demo is to provide try-before-buy version of the library. All SolidKit Library features are provided in the demo. The demo however has run-time restrictions (see the Restrictions section below). The demo provides the library's header and lib files and sample projects for using it with the Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio family of products.

Download Free SolidKit Library Demo

Please read the SolidKit Library Demo License Agreement before downloading the SolidKit Library Demo software. If you do not agree with the terms of the License Agreement, do not download or install the software.

Also, please refer to the SolidKit Library System Requirements for information about software prerequisities.

The demo package is available for download at


Applications built using the SolidKit Library Demo version will be able to run only for about five minutes each time their process is started by the operating system. After about five minutes the application will display dialog box informing the user that he/she is running the demo-version-only, and that the program is about to terminate. If the user does not quit the program within about 30 seconds the library's built-in code terminates the program. The user can then start the program again to run it for another five minutes.

Note: The SolidKit Library Demo includes binaries of built sample projects, including the SolidAssembler program. These already-compiled .exe files do not have the run-time restriction described above.

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