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Hello, my name is Roman Grof and I am main (and often the only) person behind the Solid Graphics company name. I started to develop Solid Graphics' products in 1992. My main goal is creating software and development tools for 3D graphics and 3D graphics applications. I have other interests, such as robotics, those might some day result into new products.

I work full-time as employee of other company as senior software programmer/analyst - in field not related to "Solid Graphics sphere of interest". I work on Solid Graphics products in my spare time, sometimes taking help of friends and family.

I hope you find my software usefull, thank you for visiting and taking interest about my work.

How to contact us

To contact us, please send e-mail to Image:ContactUs.gif. Since we are not full-time staffed - taking e-mail-messages-only allow us to process them at our pace. However, if you do believe that you have strong reason to talk to us directly - then feel free to ask us for our telephone number in your e-mails.

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