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SolidGraphics does not intentionally share personal information, such as IP or e-mail addresses of it's wiki site users with anynone, except when required by law (for example by a court order).

While we will do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee that this information won't be stolen from us. Therefore we cannot guarantee that anything you provide here won't appear publicly somewhere on the Internet, or end up in some private database. We recommend that you don't provide on the Solid Graphics Wiki site any information of great personal importance to you or to enybody else, such as credit card numbers or any passwords to third party sites. If confidentiality of your e-mail is of great importance to you then either don't disclose it here or use a disposable e-mail address instead.

If you edit any of the Solid Graphics Wiki pages, your Solid Graphics Wiki articles edits will be available publicly. You should assume that your edits will be read by everybody and retained forever.

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