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This page contains terms of use and disclaimers for using this - the Solid Graphics Wiki - web site.


Terms of Use

Please read the terms of using this web site carefully. By accessing and using this web site you agree with it's terms of use. If you don't comply with the terms of use then your access to this web site might be restricted. If you publish copyrighted materials without authors permissions here then you might be liable for copyright infrigment.

Authors Identification

To edit a page on the Solid Graphics Wiki site you are required to be logged in and identified by your user name. You can use your real name as the user name if you choose so, or you may use a pseudonym. Your user name identifies you as the author of your edits.


To properly attribute you as the author of your edits we require that you use strong passwords for your user name (login account) and that you don't share your password with anyone.

Ownership of content of your edits and rights of others to use it

You agree that your contributions/edits on this web site can be used by Solid Graphics freely, free of charge, for any purpose, including (but not limited to) displaying them publicly; using and selling them in Solid Graphics' commercial products for use by Solid Graphics customers, partners, product users, and web sites visitors; sublicensing them to third parties - including the right to further sublicensing them to further parties. You agree that this right given to Solid Graphics to use your contributions is irrevocable. Solid Graphics agrees that you as the author of your contributions otherwise remain copyright holder of your contributions, so you can for example publish, modify or sell your contributions to other parties.

You also agree that your contributions can be modified or copied withing Solid Graphics Wiki web site by other web site users.

Conduct on the Web site

You agree to:

  • prevent others from knowing your login password
  • keep your edits relevant to the Solid Graphics Wiki web site goals
  • not publish any offensive material
  • not involve in personal attacks, name calling or other offensive behaviour toward other users
  • not vandalize the web site articles or be disruptive to work of others
  • use English on this web site. Using other languages is not accepted
  • be truthful to the best of your knowledge when editing this web site pages
  • use proper spelling to the best of your knowledge and avoid using slang

Publishing copyrighted materials

Publishing text or materials which are not in the public domain and of which you are not direct author is prohibited.

We value intelectual property rights of others and ask you to please contact Solid Graphics if you see possible copyright infringement on this web site.


  • Even though we try to keep content of this web site accurate - the Solid Graphics does not guarantee that information provided on this web site is accurate, correct, or true. Solid Graphics and this site contributors cannot be made liable for any incompleteness or inaccuracy.
  • Use information provided by this web site at your own risk.
  • Any trademarks, such as OpenGL or Windows, are property of their respective owners.
  • Solid Graphics reserves right to remove any content from it's web site or to block user's access to this web site when content or the user does not comply with it's policies, or deams content or users actions inappropriate.

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