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Namespace: SKL
Member of: (this function is not member of any class)
Include: SklCompress.h
Lib (Release): SKL.lib
Lib (Debug): SKL_D.lib

The CompressData compresses chunk of binary data in memory.

bool CompressData
         const void* srcBuffer,
         unsigned int srcBufferSize,
         void* dstBuffer,
         unsigned int* dstBufferSize


srcBuffer Pointer to data to compress.
srcBufferSize Amount of the data from the srcBuffer to compress in bytes.
dstBuffer After the CompressData function returns the memory bufefr pointed by dstBuffer will contain the compressed data.
dstBufferSize Before calling the CompressData function the variable pointed by dstBufferSize must be set to size/capacity of the dstBuffer in bytes. The variable must be set to at least srcBufferSize value plus 256. After the function returns the variable pointed by dstBufferSize will be set to number of bytes written into the dstBuffer.

Return Value

The function returns true in case of success, in case of error it returns false and the content of variables pointed by dstBuffer and dstBufferSize is undefined.

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