SolidKit3D.Drawing.Material struct

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SolidKit3D.Drawing.Material struct
Namespace: SolidKit3D.Drawing
Base type: (None)
Assembly: SolidKit.dll
Platform: .NET

The Material struct specifies a material properties using it's ambient, diffuse, specular, emissive, shininess attributes. The attributes are defined the same as in OpenGL.


Struct constructors allow to initialize the material object by it's attribute values.


Field name Type Description
Ambient SolidKit3D.Drawing.Color Ambient color.
Diffuse SolidKit3D.Drawing.Color Diffuse color.
Specular SolidKit3D.Drawing.Color Specular color.
Emissive SolidKit3D.Drawing.Color Emissive color.
Shininess float The shininess attribute value.


Method name Description
Apply Applies the material attributes to current OpenGL rendering context state (by calling OpenGL's glMaterialf functions.

Predefined material constants

The Material class defines these static constants: Default, White, LightGray, DimGray, DarkGray, Gray, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Emerald, Jade, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Turguoise, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Silver, BlackPlastic, CyanPlastic, GreenPlastic, RedPlastic, WhitePlastic, YellowPlastic, BlackRubber, CyanRubber, GreenRubber, RedRubber, WhiteRubber, YellowRubber.

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