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Namespace: SolidKit3D.Drawing
Member of: ShapeRenderer class
Assembly: SolidKit.dll

The DrawShapeNormals function draws shape's normals as short line segments on shape's surface.

The function uses OpenGL functions for drawing the shape normals, so the normals are drawn into active/current OpenGL rendering context window. The function uses current rendering context's line width, color and lighting model to draw the normals.

public static void DrawShapeNormals( Shape shape, VectorList normals, NormalMapping normalMapping, float normalSize );


shape The shape which normals should be drawn.
normals The normal vectors to draw on shape surface.
normalMapping Normal mapping model for the specified vectors. The count of normals specified by the normals parameter should correspond to the normal mapping model.
normalSize The size of normal vector line segment to draw. This is usually relevant to the view's projection and is multiply of value returned by the Control3D.GetPixelDimensions method.

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