SolidKit3D.OpenGL class

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SolidKit3D.OpenGL class
Namespace: SolidKit3D
Base type: (None)
Assembly: SolidKit.dll
Platform: .NET

The SolidKit3D.OpenGL class provides access to basic OpenGL functions, such as glEnable, glDisable, glVertex3fv, glColor4fv (and others), to SolidKit Library for .NET applications.

The SolidKit3D.OpenGL class does not provide bindings for all OpenGL functions. If access to more OpenGL functions is needed then an application can either use .NET's Platform Invocation Services to bind to the OpenGL functions which it needs to access (the SolidKit3D.OpenGL class itself is built this way), or the application can reference other third party library, such as Tao Framework, which provides more complete OpenGL bindings.


SolidKit Library Documentation

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