SolidKit3D.Triangle struct

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SolidKit3D.Triangle struct
Namespace: SolidKit3D
Base type: (None)
Assembly: SolidKit.dll
Platform: .NET

The Triangle struct specifies a triangle using three points as the triangle corners..


Class costructors allow to initialize the an triangle using three point values or a TriangleByRef and a SolidKit3D.Point array.


Field name Type Description
Point0 SolidKit3D.Point coordinates of the first triangle corner.
Point1 SolidKit3D.Point coordinates of the second triangle corner.
Point2 SolidKit3D.Point coordinates of the third triangle corner.


Method name Description
Area Calculates the triangle area.
Center Calculates the triangle center point
Transform Transforms the three triangle points using specified matrix.

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