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XmlReader class
Namespace: SKL
Base type: (None)
Include: SklXml.h
Lib (Release): SKL.lib
Lib (Debug): SKL_D.lib

The XmlReader class provides functionality of forward-only parser of a XML data.


The class provides only basic constructors - a constructor with no parameters and a copy constructor.


The class has no public fields defined.


Method name Description
Open Opens the XML data source for parsing and moves to the first XML node.
PeekNextXmlChildNodeName Returns next XML child node name without actually moving the parsing position.
MoveToNextChildNode Moves to next XML child-node.
MoveToParentNode Moves back to the parent node.
ReadNodeValue Reads the node value.
NodeValue Returns the current node value.
CurrentNodeName Returns the current node name.
CurrentNodeAttributes Returns the current node attributes and their values.
CurrentNodeAttributeValue Returns current node's specified attribute value.
CurrentParseStatus Returns current parsing status (Error, Success, NodeNotFound).
CurrentReadPosition Returns current parser's read position in the XML data source.


The class has no operators defined.


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